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Parking Application 2021-2022

This application is for registering a vehicle for the purpose of securing a student parking decal. Rules and regulations pertaining to on-campus parking and operation of vehicle are contained herein. Completion of this application shall be construed as acceptance of all parking and operation rules and regulations.

Priority will be given to WBL(work based learning) and DE(dual enrollment).  Riverwood will approve applications beginning on June 15th for Seniors.   Juniors can apply but their application will not be considered until after school starts unless they are WBL or DE.  Priority will only given to students participating in those programs if their participation in the program actually requires them to drive to their job or university class during school hours.

Personal Information



(participates on more than one Varsity team) For information purposes only.

Address and Contact

Car Information

Tag Expiration:


I understand that the parking permit is not transferable, I may not sell or give anyone else my parking permit. If I do so, this agreement will be considered null and void and I will be subject to disciplinary action.

Student’s parking permit may be revoked based upon attendance issues (5 unexcused per semester), excessive tardies (5 unexcused tardies per semester), or any discipline offenses (ISS or OSS).

Students driving other students off campus during the school day without written permission from the administration may be subject to disciplinary consequences that may include immediate surrender of their parking permit for the semester.

Students using their vehicles to leave campus without authorization will be subject to disciplinary consequences that may include surrender of their parking permit for the semester.

No unsafe or reckless driving will be tolerated. Students are expected to comply with all State of Georgia traffic and road safety rules. Students’ failure to comply will be subject to disciplinary consequences that may include immediate surrender of their parking permit. Failure to report a traffic accident (e.g. hit and run) may result in the surrender of their parking permit for the semester.

Cell phones are not to be used while driving on school campus. Failure to abide may result in surrender of parking permit.

Riverwood International Charter School and/or Fulton County Board of Education assumes no responsibility for any theft, damage, or loss of contents for any vehicle parked on its property.

Under no circumstances will there be any refund of fees once a parking permit has been issued.

Unauthorized vehicles without a valid parking permit are subject to being, booted, fined, or towed at the owner’s expense without notice.

Parking decals must be affixed directly to the vehicle’s front window on the driver’s side (see diagram). Failure to do so will result in school discipline.

Required Documents

You must upload a readable copy of your driver's license, registration, and your insurance card. Please use a .jpg, .JPG, or .png file format. (Your phone will use one of these formats automatically.)

If you are using an iPhone 11, the default picture format is not readable on websites. This article tells you how to save the file in a readable format.

By clicking below, you acknowledge that permission to drive and/or park a vehicle on Riverwood International Charter School campus is a privilege and not a right. In consideration for such privilege, the undersigned consent to any searches of any vehicle(s) driven by applicant, to be performed by administrators of the Fulton County School System for any reason, while the vehicle is on school property. The cost of the parking permit is $100, payment to be made when permit is issued. If the student loses his or her permit, a reinstatement fee of $25.00 shall apply.